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4 sites to help make your Drupal dreams come true

As our team continues to work on revamping the Chicago Reporter’s website, we have encountered several Drupal-related questions along the way. Those issues have ranged from the basic structure of a Drupal site to more specific concerns, such as how to create an event calendar in the CMS or how views, blocks and nodes can work together. Luckily our Drupal consultant foresaw this potentially treacherous phase in our site building process and recommended a few websites that we might visit if we run into roadblocks. Sites like the four below gave us a much clearer picture of how Drupal works and what it will take to accomplish our web development goals. Drupal should be your first stop if you have questions about how to build your site. Drupal has an excellent section … Read entire article »

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Teach me how to Drupal: The Digiwatchdog team figures out an unfamiliar CMS

Up until this week, our design and usability team hasn’t been dealing with any drastically foreign concepts. Creating wireframes in Adobe Illustrator and mockups with HTML and CSS isn’t anything we can’t handle. However, recently we got to the point when we needed to start integrating our work into Drupal, the Reporter’s content management system. At first, this seemed rather intimidating. Our team has worked with WordPress before, but Drupal is clearly a different animal. You can’t just go to the dashboard, click on “Posts” and stick in an article. Luckily, we have an experienced Drupal consultant to help us out. He split the integration process up into seven steps. Here’s what we’ve completed this week: -Coming up with a schema and content types In Drupal, you have to organize your site by … Read entire article »

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The Trouble with Drupal Taxonomies

If you’re delving into a content management system you inevitably run into the problem of taxonomy. How would you like to categorize your content? I mention this because the Chicago Reporter is in need of a taxonomical overhaul. We’ve (the Community Media Innovation Project team) decided to stick with Drupal, but after looking over the Reporter’s organizational system, we’ve decided to alter it. First, there are a few decisions we’ve made: To disallow users to manually enter tags unless trained with a detailed style guide. Nothing is messier than a list of tags submitted by different people. One person writes ‘children,’ another writes ‘Children,’ and a third writes ‘kids’ (not to mention all of the other variations, including typos). Before you know it, tagging has lost all meaning. A style guide is good. A … Read entire article »

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